Adult Programs

Adult Programs

There is a difference between training in a Martial ART and a Martial SPORT.  Here at Glenn Wilson’s Martial Arts Academy – Orlando, we focus on training in the art of our style.  That means you will:

  • learn a traditional discipline of the Asian arts
  • develop strength in all parts of one’s life: physical and mental, balance in one’s life
  • leadership
  • social skills
  • stress reduction
  • overall health
  • self-defense that is second to none

As a new student, you will have the opportunity to select which discipline you wish to begin your training.

  • Pai Te Lung Kung Fu – a traditional kung fu style tracing its roots back to Shaolin temples with both short and long ranged attacks
  • Bok Leen Pai Kenpo – a traditional kenpo style that comes to us from Dr. Pai’s Chinese and Hawaiian heritage with strong close-ranged attacks
  • Pai Yung Tai Chi Chuan – a restorative Martial Arts form  with an emphasis on healing oneself through old-style Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Quan Nien Chi Kung, and Chin Kon Pai Meditation
  • Pai Lum Tao San Shou – a traditional form of full-contact fighting that is one of the foundation for the modern mixed martial arts

While you may begin in one or all of these disciplines, know that whichever path you choose, you will receive a complete system and training and eventually learn all aspects of Pai Lum Tao.  You will have countless opportunities to gain exposure and insight into the philosophies and techniques that makes this one of the most respected Martial Arts style in the world today.

What is a typical class like?

adult class 1Classes are divided by the particular discipline you are training.  We have separate classes and schedules for each discipline laid out in such a manner as to optimize the energy of your body at that particular time of the day.  A typical class size averages around 10-15 people, allowing you personal one-on-one time with the instructor.  You can meet our instructors on the Instructors page above.

While the movements within the classes vary based upon discipline, there are key aspects which are universal to all classes that embodies the completeness of this system.  Content of classes will vary based upon the needs of the students within the class.  However, a typical class would be:

  • Classes begin with a warm-up period.  This is a point in which you not only physically prepare for the class with stretches, you learn to mentally focus and leave the stress of your daily life behind.
  • Drills and isolated movements.  It is important within Martial Arts training to spend time learning and understanding individual movements, such as a particular punch or kick.  We will teach you the fundamentals that are needed to execute each movements perfectly from the ground up:  stance, then posture, then technique.
  • Curriculum development.  Each student has a set curriculum and path of development and training.  Within this curriculum they can measure their progress and see what are their goals.  Instructors will spend group and individual time with students working through various aspects of their individual curriculum, encouraging personal growth and sharing.
  • Cool down.  As with any proper physical activity, there is a cool down period, a chance to absorb what was learned, taken any notes necessary to retain the information, ask any questions you might have, and bring focus to the rest of our lives outside of the kwoon floor.

Who will be teaching me?

We have a set of dedicated and qualified instructors that train students at our school. All instructors have trained directly under Grandmaster Wilson and must regularly attend instructor training to maintain qualifications.  In additional, Grandmaster (SiTaiGung) Glenn Wilson will teach directly and regularly supervises . If ever you have any questions or concerns, Grandmaster Wilson has an open-door policy and welcomes you to come talk to him directly.

Beyond the Kwoon

In additional the wonderful training you will receive during your class times, you will have the opportunity to participate in many of our special seminars and events. These events occur both at the kwoon (school) and special locations.  Some examples of past events include:IMG_0299_JPG

Martial Arts Trip to China

Meditation and Chi Building Retreat at CoCoa Beach

Bo (Staff) Seminar – Learning to Use the Bo Beyond the Form

Swords of Pai Lum Tao – Respecting the Blade

Community Fundraisers & Events

We also work heavily with the local community and schools, such as our girl’s program for at-risk middle school students.

Come join us!

We’d love to meet you and have you part of our Martial Arts family.  Please consider stopping by the kwoon during any of our class times or fill out the form below so we can contact you directly.