I’m so honored you have chosen to come visit my site. Martial Arts is a life-long passion of mine, beginning at the age of 10 when my father first took me to see a judo fight. I now have the distinct privilege to teach and share in one of today’s greatest Martial Arts styles, Pai Lum Tao.

There are a variety of reasons people come to train with us and we offer many programs to suit each student’s needs. For the children, our future, our classes are fun and active, teaching them discipline, respect, self-esteem and many of the skills they will need to succeed in life. We also offer adult classes ranging from the mixed martial arts styling of Pai Lum San Shou to relaxing Pai Yung Tai Chi. Students can also learn the beautiful and powerful styles of Pai Te Lung Kung Fu or Bok Leen Pai Kenpo.

Whatever path a student decides to take, they are always welcome and invited to learn the other disciplines we teach as my teacher, the late Dr. Daniel Kane Pai, had always taught that one will master Pai Lum Tao by understanding all aspects.

I look forward to the opportunity of training you directly. We host special events and complete martial arts immersion weekends to really hone your skills. We also have opportunities to travel around the country and world to participate in world renowned events such as the World Kuo Shu Championship in Malaysia, special tours in China, US Martial Arts Open, Disney’s World of Sports and many others. As the international headquarters to our wonderful styles, you will also have the opportunity to meet other students and teachers from around the world as they travel here to join in our training programs.

Myself and our family take pride in knowing each of our students. We would love to meet you. Just pick one of 3 simple ways to start:

1) Call us directly to arrange for a visit at 407-728-5204

2) Come stop in during our class times to speak with our instructors


3) Fill in this simple form to email us

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