Special Seminars


DSC_4550Grandmaster Wilson has several decades of personal protection training and experience.  He has coupled this experience with his extensive Martial Arts training to bring customized programs great for businesses and organizations look to help their people in a variety of aspects: health, safety, stress-reduction, and beyond.

Some of the programs he includes:

Specialized Women’s Self Defense

Develop strong self defense skills that goes beyond just the typical class where women learn various punches or techniques.  In Pai Lum Tao, we learn the first step is to avoid finding yourself in a risky situation; but if you must react, learn how to assess your options and deal with the immediate threat.  During our class, participants will learn:

  • awareness of your surroundings
  • how to read people’s body languages
  • basic self defense movements to quickly free yourself from an attacker

Crisis Prevention for Businesses

Save your business from unnecessary headaches and issues.  Teach your employees how to spot and deal with alarming behaviors and crisis before they manifest into something serious.  These techniques can be applied to both dealing with customers who may cause issues or direct reports who may be exhibiting some risky traits.

DSC_4407Personal Protection Specialized Training

We welcome new and experienced specialized firms who seek additional training in personal protection protocols.  Coupled with Martial Arts, Grandmaster Wilson brings his extensive and world-recognized experience in personal protection to this training.  Grandmaster Wilson has an impressive resume of experience protecting some of the most well-known stars, including but not limited to: Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, Macaulay Culkin, the Beach Boys, General Schwarzkopf, Liza Minelli, Diana Ross, the Righteous Brothers, the 1992 NBA All-Star Team, Barbara Mandrell, Don “the Dragon” Wilson and many others.

Special Black Belt Training for All Styles

Pai Lum Tao is a highly recognized and respected Martial Arts style with many concepts and techniques that can benefit Martial Artists from any discipline.  Learn some of the philosophies and concepts that were brought to us by Dr. Daniel K Pai or some of the extensive weapons techniques Grandmaster Wilson is recognized for around the world.

Other Seminars/Training

We offer a variety of other training, specialized to your business or organization’s needs.  If there is something specific you’re looking for, please use the form below and send us more details so we can work something out with you.

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